Thunder Hunter

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Rachel Medhurst
Book # in Series
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December 28, 2016

Being the human grandson of Thor, God of thunder, has been a curse.

When he was slain a thousand years ago, I was imbued with his thunder and given a mission: Go to Earth and send two hundred escaped Fallen Ones back to hell, or be the reason Thor stays dead forever.

A millennium later, I’m in London with only five Fallen Ones left to be destroyed before Thor can be resurrected. Living in the human world for so many years has poisoned me. Even Chloe, another descendant of the Gods, who was sent to help me, sees that I’m succumbing to the poison. I can’t waste time. If I don’t find the next Fallen One before it’s too late, the darkness he breathes into the underworld may ruin me for good.

Contains mature content.

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