The Armageddon Factor

The Armageddon Factor

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F December 30, 2016
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Seth White's life has just gotten strange...

Religious radicals have taken over the US government, closed all the schools and universities—including the one he was about to graduate from—and are preparing everyone for what they believe will be the Battle of Armageddon. On top of that, a strange man with luminous skin appears to be following him, and Seth is seeing lights in the sky his rational mind simply can’t account for.

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Religious extremist run the United States plus UFOs and super powers

Armageddon Factor is a Dystopian novel by husband and wife authors CN James and Amy Joy about three kids on the run from a government ran by religious extremists.

The book centers on three young people that resist the government's attempts to convert them. The government of The U.S.A. is controlled by the Armageddonist who believe the end of the world is coming. They make decisions to go to war with other countries based on radical interpretations of the Bible to justify their decisions. The three young people become scapegoats blamed for murdering someone which served as the excuse to start the war.

The plot revolves around the three running from the Armageddonist while also trying to understand why they have strange powers after seeing weird UFOs in the sky.

I liked this book as it has a different tilt to it than other Dystopian books I have read. The idea of the world heading towards Armageddon because of religious extremism is a good change of pace.  Many Dystopian books focus on the world after it has already devolved but you get to experience the transformation from the eyes of the three main characters here while they also get help and viewpoints from clergy and a professor.

I give the book four out of five stars as an interesting story with a unique view of religion, UFOs, and dystopian worlds. However, I wish the authors would have hired a professional editor as there were more grammatical errors than I find in most books. 

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